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Fan Club’s code of honour

1You’ll cheer on athletes

2As a proud host, you’ll warmly greet visitors

3You’ll learn the Games dance and show it off

4You’ll be a devoted supporter

5And wear the Games colours with pride

6Zigzag will be your best bud

7You’ll defend the values of the Games

8And cheer with great pride

9You’ll be up on the latest news

10All the qualities of a true Games family ambassador!


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Welcome to the special section of our Web site! Careful, your enthusiasm may just reach new heights…Consider yourself warned!

The Fan Club

Welcome to the official site of the Sherbrooke 2013 Fan Club! We’re glad to have piqued your curiosity! You’re probably about to ask, “Why have a Fan Club?” You’ll find that answer in the coming sections. One thing is for sure, you won’t be able to resist being part of it!

Who's it for?

Have you fallen on your head? Being a member of a Fan Club it’s not a question of age, but of attitude. Want to show your sense of being part of Sherbrooke 2013, be at the heart of the action, and act as a spark for the 4200 athletes who will be giving their all, and… do you like gifts and surprises? The Fan Club is for you. Still not convinced? Then take a look at the surprises and benefits in store for you…


Now, let’s talk about advantages! Of course, we won’t tell you everything (we have to keep a few surprises), but here’s a glimpse:

  • Discounts at our online store (wouldn’t having your own Sherbrooke 2013 gear be cool?);
  • Lots of drawings/contests (with ultra-interesting prizes, you’ll love it!);
  • A chance to present the medals to athletes (yes, you may end up getting up close and personal with future Olympic athletes!);
  • A chance to become a “sign bearer” for a province, leading its athletes during the Opening Ceremony (it’s hard to be closer to the action than that!);
  • And even more!

Honour Code

To be a member of the Sherbrooke 2013 Fan Club means adopting a code of honour, not because you have to, but because there’s strength in numbers!


The Heart of it All

As mentioned in the Code of Honour, fans must be up to date on the latest news. To do this, they have to be well-equipped, and it’s up to us to make sure you are. Here’s the list of social media we’ll be using—it’s a great way for us to be in touch with you.

Join us now!
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • youtube


It’s time to learn the official dance. The videos here show you how to do the dance, one move at a time, making it really easy to learn. Get up and dance, there’s no excuse not to! We’re hoping to see everyone dancing at Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and throughout the Games, so please help us make this dream come true!

Watch Video 1 Watch Video 2

Thank you

Dear devoted Fans, THANKS for taking part in our adventure. You sent positive vibes to athletes and to members of the Games family. We were lucky to have you as a fan, and thanks again!